China Cultural Creative Oraganization was founded by the structure of various fields in society's elite, composed of enthusiastic devotion, a certain organizational structure, and strict charter, to operate our Foundation, officially registered in California, the U.S. Federal government audit, approved as 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. July 2012 was established in Los Angeles



Creativity is a concept, creativity is an impulse, creativity is an instant spark creativity in need of social care, environment support, everyone's help and money is material rich in cultural and creative follow-up after raising it to the spiritual realm creative.


Purpose of Establishment

The progress of human civilization is the core of creativity, innovation and idea generation, innovation-driven creation, thus the birth of human civilization. Cultural creativity is the original starting point, it is the driving force behind the development of human civilization, it is the crystallization of human wisdom and ideas, but also the development of civilization propulsion. China has 5,000 years of cultural history, creating numerous world-famous creative compass, gunpowder, printing, paper, etc., to promote the development of world civilization, Chinese civilization also incorporates many of the world from each tribe innovative ideas and consciousness, composition modern culture and civilization of the world. China Foundation aims to establish cultural and creative cultural and creative platform that provides cultural and creative needs of the various environments and resources, and legal protection, and provide follow-up to promote the creation of cultural and creative annual China Summit to mining, development, and promote cultural creativity, encourage individual and corporate cultural innovation cause for support, and is compatible with the package and his country's cultural creative essence of Chinese in the world in the form of cultural and creative atmosphere, our Chinese culture, creativity Summit to fight the world's top cultural platform a. Enable us to better integrate into the world of Chinese culture and cultural development, thus promoting the use of Chinese cultural innovation development of world culture, but also to world culture play a catalytic role in Chinese culture。


Nature and Structure

Funds will be essential in the Fund's and the cultural and creative industries of the Fund is to support cultural and creative the soil, and umbrella, and more, it is a cultural and creative of the platform's structure is in the area of the elite, and enthusiastic dedication of the composition of the Chamber, there is a certain amount of organizational structure, and strict regulations, to operate our foundation。



Basic Features 

The Fund will be mainly through the annual cultural industry Summit Forum and review cultural creativity award, to encourage and support all kinds of cultural and creative industries. and to establish laws and sources of funds to protect cultural and creative bud through cultural industry investment and financing workshop so that the cultural investors with a variety of cultural projects directly to。



Direction of Development

We hope that the current point of view, in the near future as a cultural and creative diversity of platforms, from one place to more than one country, from a few creative areas toward creative infinite, oriented toward the whole world。



Creativity in Context

Creative she is a diverse one, regardless of their nationality, and not about politics and religion, and there is no industry-wide specification, the age, knowledge and rich or poor, and she is a moment of the philosophy, wisdom, she is the province of all mankind。